2020 edition


What can we say?! Once again a big thank you!

This second edition of the ParisTestConf has a very particular taste. Indeed, it is a complex year for each of us, made of sacrifices or questioning. On the organizational side, it allowed us to test a new format: 4 evenings over 4 days (from November 23 to 26, 2020) – 100% online and free of charge – and still without sponsors.

During our first edition, we had already had wonderful speakers. This year, we had the great pleasure to welcome renowned speakers. We would like to thank them once again for their participation and their generosity in sharing their knowledge. Let’s not forget to thank those who animated these evenings because we are too shy to do so.

Merci à : Lisa CRISPIN, Marie BENINGER & Farah CHABCHOUB, Yves DUCHESNE, Emmanuel BONNET, Benjamin BUTEL, Julien DESMULIER, Florian ZILLIOX, Mesut DURUKAL, Zoé THIVET, Remi ROCHE, Simon GARNY, Sagar Uday KUMAR, Thomas KUYPERS & Arnaud RUCH. You can read their presentations here 🇫🇷 !

We are extremely happy with the results of this edition (increased number of participants, international speakers, good participation of you in the Q&A, etc.). In short, it went wonderfully well.

Enough talking, if you want to see or review the sessions of this 2020 edition, you can find the videos on our Youtube channel, as well as the slides below.


The PTC team

2020 edition in a few slides

You can find all the videos on the Youtube channel!