2021 edition


Thanks again to the whole community!

It’s thanks to all of you that we were able to make the ParisTestConf a full conference on its own. This third edition is the second one entirely online and despite the context you once again answered!

When we decided to go back to the format of the second edition, we didn’t know yet if it would meet your expectations and if you would be there. We were happy to see that you were present on all 4 evenings and that the popularity of the ParisTestConf continues to grow.

This year, we decided to favor speakers from more diverse backgrounds and less known to the community. It was quite successful, and we would like to warmly thank the different speakers of this edition: Tea Scharrmann, Camille Jung, Nadia Tennich, Antoine Craske, Aurélie Martin, Matthis Holleville, Nathanael Marchand, Iman Benlekehal, Etienne Pierrot, Zlata Shtamburg, Rija William Ralitera, Valentin Guerlesquin, Vincent Dauce, Hamza Amami, Raphael Awoseyin and David Rochelet.

Again this year, we are extremely proud of this edition! We received a record number of proposals for our CFP, and you were there during the conference to follow and ask your questions.

You can find the videos on this Youtube playlist, and some of the slides of the different presentations below.

Thank you all!

The PTC team

2021 edition slides